Develop West Prince Seed Funding

Develop West Prince is a non-profit community economic development organization serving Western PEI. As part of its work in community, the organization is launching a time-bound micro-grant opportunity to support non-profits carrying out innovative projects in the region.

About the Develop West Prince Seed Fund

Develop West Prince carries out its Seed Fund through a financial contribution by Western Development Solutions Inc. The Seed Fund is intended to support innovative projects carried out by community focused organizations that will enhance the economic growth potential of the region. The fund seeks to provide a micro-grant up to $5,000 to non-profit entities to leverage funding from other provincial or federal funding programs.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include:

  • Soft costs associated with project development
    • Strategic planning
    • Architectural, engineering, and concept development
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Market research
    • Marketing and communication plans
    • Human resource planning
    • Legal
  • Other eligible costs denoted by the leveraged federal or provincial funding programs participating in the project.
  • Hard costs will be evaluated and assessed at the discretion of the Develop West Prince Board of Directors.

Ineligible Activities

  • Costs not included in the original project budget
  • Taxes for which the applicant is eligible for a rebate
  • Costs, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, that do not meet the spirit of the Seed Fund’s intended purpose.

Project Criteria

Applications must meet the following project criteria:

  • Eligibility
    • Preferred applicants are incorporated non-profit organizations.
    • Preference is given to projects that commence after January 1, 2023 and will be completed by July 31, 2024.  
  • Alignment with Seed Fund restrictions
    • Project impact is focused in West Prince and promotes the economic growth potential of the region.
  • Leverages Funds
    • The project budget includes anticipated funding from other project partners to grow overall project budget.
  • Prioritization
    • Applicants can propose more than one project but must prioritize each project.
  • Level of Innovation
    • Meets the following characteristics of Innovation:
      • Improves services, quality of experience
      • Increases or sustains employment
      • Increases environmental sustainability
      • Contributes to the start up or expansion of an economic activity
      • Improves revenue generation
      • Saves resources such as time, financial assets, volunteer effort, etc.
      • Includes and empowers members of the community
      • Evidence of community support
  • Observable Impact
    • Project has a long-term observable impact in the community.

Seed Funding Available

Applicants are asked to limit the financial request of their Seed Fund application to $5,000.

Application Process

Interested organizations are asked to contact Develop West Prince to discuss their project and determine if the Seed Fund is right for them. An application form can then be submitted to Develop West Prince where it will be assessed by the Board of Directors.

Applicants will be notified of their project status following the monthly meeting of the Develop West Prince Board of Directors.

Who to Contact?

General inquiries related to the Develop West Prince Seed Fund can be directed to Jordan MacDonald at, by calling (902) 807-9048, or Contact Us.

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